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Florida Panhandle's Premier Community Partner Choice

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Improving the Management of Your Community Association

over 100 years of combined experience

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We understand the challenges of serving as an HOA volunteer, from controlling costs to maintaining home values, and we strive to put in the time to minimize your volunteer commitment while addressing challenges timely and cost effectively.

Established19 years ago, with combined experience of over 100 years, we proudly manage over 18,000 households. 

We share best practice information based on experience to save your HOA

time, effort, energy, and money!

Our commitment is to protecting your property value and quality of life.

our HOA app

Your time is valuable and that is why WE HAVE AN APP FOR THAT! We embrace technology and efficiency to limit your time commitment. Click here to learn more.


I am so grateful to each one of you for helping me thru the last few months when we didn't have a president. 


Because of each member of your staff we made it through and gained a TON of knowledge along the way...

Only because of Homeland!


Thanks for your patience, knowledge, experience, professionalism and most of all your ability to convey you are our partner in this homeowner business!


In gratitude to each member at Homeland, even the ones I haven't met!  


See ya next year,


As of today Jennifer and I are no longer homeowners in Oakhurst subdivision. It has been a great home and neighborhood for the last 21 years and we are sad to leave but excited

to begin a new journey in our lives.

Homeland, thank you for taking care of Oakhurst when we were in a difficult situation. Julie, you and your staff were tremendous in getting Oakhurst back on solid ground.




Hal and Jennifer L.

I thought the meeting went exceptionally well last night.


The financial statement was great and I felt the overall meeting was very professionally handled. To me, hiring the outside firm was a great idea! Other HOA’s are not handled as well or as professionally!

Thank you and the entire board for your hard work!!!

Curt C.

Good morning.  Thanks for your time to meet with us yesterday.  We sincerely appreciate all of the great work that HomeLand is doing in Hartfield!!  Please let your entire team know we think they are Rockstars!!

Bryan N.

We specialize in residential Homeowner Association Management and are proudly the only team in our industry with leadership consisting of CPAs, attorneys, licensed Broker/real estate professionals, and experienced on-site property management specialists.

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In a Nutshell - What We Do for you (may vary per community's needs and requests)
  • Enforce collections policy for assessments

  • Maintain homeowner accounts  

  • Process vendor invoices for payment upon board approval, providing copies of all invoices processed

  • Maintain Reserve and Operating bank accounts

  • Work with HOA to prepare annual HOA budgets

  • Prepare annual taxes and assist in facilitating external audits

  • Supply Board of Directors with detailed monthly financial reports

  • Manage correspondence between homeowners, Board members, contractors and officials

  • Provide vendor and contractor referrals to Board of Directors and maintain vendors

  • Generate proposals and secure service agreements for Association

  • Oversee contracts and major projects and make sure work is performed as agreed upon

  • Perform inspections to ensure Covenant compliance in order to maintain a desirable Community

  • Ensure cited violations are corrected 

  • Process Architectural (ARC/ACC) Change Requests, serve as liaison between owner and board

  • Attend Annual and periodic meetings

  • Distribute mailings to the Community as provided

  • Prepare Resale Certificates and Documents

  • Assist in the design and implementation of new policies for the Association

  • Work with developers during buildout phase to facilitate a smooth transition from a Developer Board to a Homeowner Board 

  • Provide superior customer service and quality management service based on our knowledge and experience in the industry

  • Directly available to homeowners via phone, email or web portal

  • Work closely with Board liaison to ensure informed decisions and responsive actions


We'd love to hear from you

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