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Home-Land Neighborhood Management has years of experience in all aspects of association management. The following questions could be helpful in determining whether you might need our services:


Is the management company providing all services outlined in the contract or does the contract need revision to increase services to the association?

HLNM studies and suggests changes and improvements in the management contract to reach a resolution to questions or problems between management and the association pertaining to services.


Does the Board require assistance in comprising or activating the reserve study?

HLNM will inspect and rate the physical condition of the property, including every major component in the current Reserves. HLNM is also available to prepare an in-depth reserves study if your association does not currently have one. If you select HLNM for full management of your association we work to prepare a full reserve study as an optional service with a reduced cost.


Are the operating and reserve budgets inadequately funded or overspent?

HLNM will analyze the operating and reserve budgets and actual expenditures over the current and past two years and suggest solutions for a balanced budget. We have worked with many communities facing issues with finances, we have saved many thousands of dollars which helped them avoid assessments and increased dues to those in the community.


Have dues increased to keep current with the CPI increases for your area or are assessments necessary to fund regular maintenance and reserve replacements?

HLNM will investigate operating and reserve budget dues increases (or decreases) over the past 5 years and make suggestions for budget improvements.


Does the current board of directors have a procedure to inform new board members of past decisions, actions and future plans to provide continuity of action?

HLNM will study past Board meeting minutes to determine if management has succeeded in providing action to implement motions over the past two years.


Has the board developed monthly action reports as a tool to track requests and results to the management company?

HLNM will provide report tools to increase communication and results between the management company and the Board of Directors. We work for you, not the other way around! We know our part, work for the board and the community and we respect and work hard to meet your goals and objectives.


Is the association using current technology to increase communication between the members and the board of directors and management?

HLNM can provide information and direction to establish Internet communication and/or website creation and provide the Board with a member database that can easily be updated for mailings to the members. We also have electronic newsletter function and printed/mail newsletter options. We provide a balanced approach between technology and communication and we provide the board with a complete suite of options to help better inform and involve those that live in your community.


Does the board need direction in establishing board meeting procedures, producing effective agendas and setting procedures for minute keeping?

HLNM management professionals are experts in assisting boards establish meeting procedures, minute keeping practices and prepare effective meeting agendas. We also provide a complete summary of every meeting we attend and in addition we attend every meeting of your community at no extra charge. We are suggesting the application of a rating system for each area of association responsibility. We can then use this information for Board discussion. HLNM can then assist the Board in preparing a plan of action for improvements and funding for future projects and improvements.

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