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Let's talk Budget Prep!

Starting in July.....

Get vendor bids and verify any contracted service, insurance or utility increases to start.

Better to get out ahead of this and have plenty of time to review & plan budget workshops.

What will be necessary to approve the 2024 budget?

- Update your contract summary sheet.

- Review and update your maintenance responsibility sheet.

- Do you have projects that are planned for the near future?

- Review the first six months 2023 looking at the variables, what needs to change?

- Are there items the community needs to add to the budget?

- Do you need an updated reserve study?

For Condominium Associations:

You will need two separate reserve studies.

The deferred maintenance items on one study.

The new required SIRS components on the second reserve study.

SIRS - Milestone Inspection expenses?

Waiting until close to the deadlines is not going to be an option, let's get working now!

We can help you get this all in order, forecast, and plan for a stable future!

Contact Tammy Copley at to join our upcoming Free Board Member and CAM classes. Florida CAM receives 2 CE credits for each class.

July we will start talking budgets.

"Preparing Association Budgets" first class is planned for July 26, 2023

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